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Here you will find works that belong to the generic term "streetart" but are not assigned to any of the funding programmes mentioned so far.


This street painting was initiated by the Friends of the Cultural Centre 'Das Haus' and sponsored by the Sparkasse Vorderpfalz.

The artists: Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann from Switzerland. 10 July to 15 July 2023.

These works by the artist duo are a must-see! Home

The Swiss artist duo Lang/Baumann has created a site-specific work for Karl-Kornmann-Platz in front of the cultural centre 'das Haus'. This square painting is entitled "Street Painting #12" and was the result of a joint initiative by 'das Haus' and the Wilhelm Hack Museum.

The outlines taped off by the team of artists were painted by a company from Bad Homburg that specialises in road markings. The pavement is sure to last for many years due to its specific materials that have been tried and tested for road traffic. 

Lang/Baumann - Title: Street Painting #12 - Technique: Cold Sculpture - Dimensions: 35.6 x 30.9 m = around 1400 m²

Trees and steps define a rectangular square that lies at an inclined angle to the two adjacent building facades. Starting from this geometry, a radiating network of lines was created. On a blue base, a black zigzag stripe pattern leads in an arrow shape to the entrance of the cultural centre. The pattern is copied twice, once in off-white and once in light red, and placed slightly twisted under the black pattern. This creates a moiré effect.

Sabina Lang (*1972) and Daniel Baumann (*1967) live in Burgdorf, Switzerland and have been working together since 1990. Their work includes installation, sculpture, large-scale wall or floor painting and architectural intervention. 

Photos: Magazine WOW

Own views, two days after completion

Brilliant shots of the artist duo! For once, I have included these drone photos quite large: The navigation for PC users should be self-explanatory.


Designed in a joint effort by various artists in 1979. The motifs show old images of architecture and city life.

  • Here is a wonderful video by Andreas Hilgert. Please click into the picture!

Mural in Bürgerhof

For this mural, people who happened to pass by there in early July 2003 were photographed with a Polaroid camera and then painted on the wall by various artists from 5 July to 26 July 2003.

Uderpass in Oppau

This project is semi-official; info is still being sought [as of 5.8.23].

Here is an impressive video production by Andreas Hilgert. Individual shots of myself will follow.

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