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Inner-city impulses


This funding programme of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate is intended to support inner-city, beautifying impulses. The first success in mid-2022 was the installation of colourful benches and large plants on Berliner Platz. Very close by in Ludwigstraße is a TWL transformer house that no one had ever noticed before: this should change according to Lukom Gmbh as the leading body of the support project. TWL were immediately ready for an artistic design. 

Shortly afterwards, the passage between Ludwigstraße 73 and the Bürgerhof was artistically upgraded.

The Ludwigshafen agency Quaer with its owners Delia Rothas and Andreas Heinrich was able to take on an advisory role. This young agency had already successfully managed the MURALU project and will also accompany the inner-city impulses with the same commitment.


Little transformer house in Ludwigstrasse, mid-May 2023


 The artist Svlech (Iskren Zahariev) has been active in this scene for almost 20 years, especially in Mannheim, and in this case he promised to deviate a little from his usual way of painting - almost exclusively character - and to make this transformer house not so creepy, i.e. more in the sense of the previous Muralu projects. He has managed this with bravura!

Anyone familiar with the Mannheim graffiti scene will have come across the name "Svlech" several times. "Svlech" originally comes from Bulgaria and paints out of pure passion. He is particularly fond of his characters, which often depict animals or monster-like creatures with their mouths open: "I usually make a quick sketch with biros. When I stand in front of the wall, I only need it for the outlines. After that, the actual creative process continues in my head."  

You can view examples of the artist's work here

This photo series was created in collaboration with Andreas Heinrich from the Quaer agency. Thank you, Andy!

Sebastian Müh

Passage from Ludwigstraße 73 to the Bürgerhof; June 2023

This project is something different! The focus is not on spray art, but on a well thought-out way of creating shapes and colours in a graphic contrast, which nevertheless - or precisely because of this - knows how to convince in its entirety. As chance would have it, the originally planned light effects could not be realised because of the vertically running, very rough and knobbly concrete strips: a special effect is achieved by the sunlight alone, which, depending on the incidence, makes this work appear anew again and again, as the pictures certainly show. And it is precisely these knobbly concrete strips that create unexpected effects!

The work began on 21 June. 

Here are some works by the artist, who has so far worked exclusively in his hometown of Stuttgart. Quote, not without a certain pride and with a smile: "This is my first foreign assignment: From Suabia to the Palatinate!"

Friend and assistant in this project is Felix Kapper, also an artist: look here.

First impressions from 25 June, around 6 pm: The incidence of light from above conjures up enormous effects on the wall.

26 June, around 3.30 p.m.: Once again the sun offers a spectacle, but a very different one from the day before! The last pictures speak for themselves...

27 June, Completion

4 July 2023: Almost without light and shadow play: the pure work, then!

Agentur Quaer

This time, the Quaer agency, which had previously supervised the other street art projects, lent a hand themselves: Delia Rothas, Andreas Heinrich and Wiebke!

A lot of preparatory work was necessary, for example to remove the so-called façade spiders on the ceiling and moss growth on the upper sides.

The painting is to be seen as a work of art based on the abstracted city map of Ludwigshafen, not as a city map of Ludwigshafen. Although the basic grid of the artwork is derived from it, it does not reflect the actual directions of the underlying map under the bridge.

The idea for this design was developed by Delia Rothas and Andreas Heinrich.






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