Ein künstlerischer Spaziergang der besonderen Art

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From 25th May 2021:

At Hochfeldstraße 155, Ludwigshafen's Gartenstadt, a building belonging to the housing company GAG is being decorated again; apparently GAG has taken a mighty liking to the previous project?

This German-Austrian artist duo consists of Julia Heinisch (*1990, Linz) and Frederic Sontag (*1988, Ludwigsburg). The two have combined their creative energies and are constantly working together on art projects and commissions.

A central theme in their artistic works are the various forms and facets of nature. Their tools are paint rollers, brushes and spray cans.

The duo has deliberately refrained from giving the mural a name; titles would always imply something specific, but viewers should think about it for themselves

When I asked Julia how far they stick to their sketches: "Only roughly! The overall work is clearly given, but the intuition during the work is an important, artistic point of view; without this freedom it would just be painting off..." And who is 'responsible' for which work on such a piece? "Frederic usually does the parts with graffiti elements, I take care of nature with all its facets." "Yes," Frederic adds, "in my youth I was addicted to graffiti. Like many others, I often had to atone for it because we simply didn't have any approved areas to let our art run wild. Nowadays, fortunately, things are different: graffiti, like façade painting, has become a recognised art form that gets attention all over the world." He goes on to point out that he was even invited to Kyrgyzstan once to show a piece of work: "Without payment, but also without any expenses..." and winks happily.

Somehow I have to smile at his statement "in my youth": with his almost 23 years, he still belongs to the youth for me... And he is already really successful: the next project will soon take place in Vienna, where the two of them will be allowed to design a concrete wall three metres high and 18 metres long.

I ask Julia how it is possible to paint such clear contours on such a rough surface with a brush or even a paint roller, and then you both come with a spray can and fill in these contours without touching them even once; unbelievable to me! Julia smiles charmingly: "Well, practice! Like everything in life!"

At the end of the work, I am still interested in how Frederic feels about such a work: does he feel pride? After a long look at this wonderful house wall, he says: "Pride, I guess not; that was certainly the case with the first works. Now it's just satisfaction!" And he adds after another long look: "I can see some flaws here and there where I didn't do a perfect job; so it's still a long step to real satisfaction.

Oh yes: they both ask me for one more shot. "Can you take another shot in the late evening sun? It looks really good when the last rays fall through the trees in the background and paint wonderful light/shadow effects on the house wall..."

For a few days I was not able to do that: there was no more evening sun.... It was only on 7th June that I was able to fulfil my promise!

     Please note the art presentations of this duo on this page.

Unfortunately, I was indisposed during the first days of the creation, but I may fall back on photos by Andreas Heinrich: Thank you very much, Andy! 


From here on I was personally in action....


In this article I not only show the general progress, but focus your attention on the details: it is almost unbelievable how filigree the work is! On a big sheet of paper, yes, you can imagine that; but on a surface that is so incredibly rough, the true skills of these artists show... Look and marvel!

30th: Final day...

I just asked the two artists for a simple portrait; the pre-last picture in the article above is a snapshot before the session started.

Unfortunately, I couldn't decide on a 'real' portrait, which is why I'm showing you the short series of pictures in one piece: You'll see why I can't shortchange any of the pictures of this friendly couple....

Please be patient, this picture show runs automatically! But you can always have a look at a photo in its original size: just click on it.

Addendum of my personal observations:

The reactions of walkers were enormously positive, praise was anything but sparing! Many car drivers also stopped spontaneously and expressed their enthusiasm with signs or words. Julia said that once there was actually a rear-end collision at one of their works...

Addendum 2: The author at work.    DieBilderBande