Ein künstlerischer Spaziergang der besonderen Art

Udane Juaristi (Udatxo)

This young Spanish artist began her work at Franz-Josef-Erhart-Straße no. 5 on July 7. Udane brought her cousin Olaia Ibañez with her as reinforcements.

These two extremely nice and cheerful young women painted not only this façade, but also that of house no. 7.

In response to my question, I was allowed to see a kind of sketches: photomontages with one main shareholder each, behind them historical photographs of Ludwigshafen. My understandable request for the sketches to be made available was - understandably - not answered... ;-)

Later Udane told me: "The museum sent me some old photos of the city, specifically the Valentin-Bauer neighborhood. I made some montages with the old photographs and some of my own current photos on Photoshop, mounting my idea, the final sketch. I am painting on the wall based on this sketch.
The museum also sent me photos of the walls to get an idea of what they were like."

What I had seen on these sketches bleed me away! I was very curious to see how the artist would implement this. In any case, the two facades will become an absolute eye-catcher, although the street is a little hidden. Maybe this article will change that!

I wish to redirect you to the homepage; but even there you won't find a biography: Udane seems to be hiding...

Udane works only with brushes, and in a very special technique: There are no clear contours, much is only hinted at and only from a certain distance results in an overall picture, which is  in its slightly amorphous form particularly fascinating.

Equally fascinating are the mass details, some of which have been incorporated as tiny brushstrokes and hint at a kind of impressionalism that runs over the entire oeuvre anyway. My close-ups certainly illustrate this.

First project: Starts 7th July 2021

Ends: 14th July 

Second project: Starts 14th July 2021

Ends: 20th July