Ein künstlerischer Spaziergang der besonderen Art

Lula Goce

The last mural project this year was created from 26th up to 31th July 2021 in the Hemshof (district of the City), on an old façade next to the venerable Maffenbeyer, the oldest pub in Ludwigshafen. The brick façade was preserved; a novelty among the previous murals in Ludwigshafen!
A woman as if from a fairy tale, in harmonious unity with aviation animals from dream and reality.

Let's take a look at the fantastic world of Lula, on two wonderful pages: Lula's homepage and on a street art page

About the person:
Lula Goce is a Spanish urban artist who lives by the sea in Galicia, where she was born.

Lula creates certain imaginations, powerful, huge photorealistic scenes that are characterized by bright colors and a strong expressiveness. She fuses people with nature, adding fresh inspiration and "poetry" to her creations.

Short career:
Lula lived in Barcelona for a long time, where she obtained a Ph.D. (highest academic degree in the field of philosophical faculties) as well as a master's degree in artistic creation at the Fine Art University of Barcelona. Her spectacular works can be seen all over the world on walls, at art festivals and in prominent art centers.




31th July

1st August

Thank you very much, dear Lula, for this enormous upgrade of the Hemshof district in Ludwigshafen!

I was very happy to have met you and to document your wonderful work every day!