Ein künstlerischer Spaziergang der besonderen Art


Green, green, green is all I see...

From 5th November 2020

This rhyme from a german children's song is something the artist LIMOW wants to strip off: Namely, he will only leave as much greenery on this house façade in Karlsbader Straße 23, Gartenstadt-Niederfeld, as his sketches envisage! These plans are of a nature that playfully and easily tell of special fantasy creatures, and will be quite unusual and thus fascinating. I am not allowed to reveal more; David's sketches were allowed to be photographed, but only under the condition that they not be shown until the complete work is finished. So I follow his work almost daily and only present his ideas afterwards; I'm sure it will be very interesting!

I can accompany this artist during the creation of his work; this is a unique opportunity to follow thoughts, sketches, hand strokes, colours and so on, which were planned beforehand, as they grow into reality - and thus also necessary corrections! Real life, then...

If you want to know something about the artist, you will hardly find anything on his website: Limow acts extremely publicly, but is equally extremely reticent about private matters. Look here. Nevertheless, he is a very open and pleasant person! Born in Spain in 1972, he has been living in Heidelberg for some time, but he speaks English.

LIMOW: This artist's name is derived from "Living in my own world". LIMOW uses fairy tales and stories in his works, depicting people, animals and mythical creatures in surreal landscapes. 

Title of this work: "A Forest: The Child": Giant creatures look down on the little boy waiting for the bus with his cat: as we will only see clearly at the end! *smile


5th November 2020: Everything is still green, only some auxiliary lines are stretched; and the author of the article as well...

6th: The rough outlines of the figures are created. The areas marked with X are filled in by a young artist who was also involved in the graffiti work in Ebertpark.

7th: Oha! Are there already halfway clear figures to be seen? I mean, I can see some ears around some faces...
David sets more guide lines at the bottom.

8th: Limow jokingly said today that he had acquired another slave artist! Two days ago it was a young man, today a young lady.

9th: Progress is being made bit by bit!

11th: The details are beginning to emerge!

13th.: Today's article has become a bit more extensive, because Limow invited me onto the lift truck! So I managed to take some extraordinary pictures; despite my fear of heights...

17th: Very tedious work: designing the details!

19th: The elaboration becomes finer and finer, and thus the overall work more and more fascinating.

21st: You might think that not much has happened! Firstly, however, small things move slowly, and to make matters worse, Limow had to repair areas washed out by the light rain that had not yet dried after his work.

23rd: Unbelievable! Limow actually wanted to be finished on 12th November, after one week after beginning: "This was my plan", says Limow.

But as it is in life, things rarely work out as perfectly as planned! Today, however, the very last work has been completed: the last mistakes have been corrected, a few nice details have been added... Done, one would think. Only: Limow has to come again, because his signature is still missing at the foot of the work!

Now I may insert the sketch that Limow showed me on the first day. If you look closely, you will see small deviations: these are the freedoms an artist needs during work!


Dear Norbert,

Thank you very much for your fantastic article. Very fresh and real, I wouldn't change anything :).
It was very nice to have you for documentation, you are very committed with your work and clearly you love and respect art, it's been a pleasure to work with you.
I wish you all the best Norbert, we keep in contact!