Ein künstlerischer Spaziergang der besonderen Art

Agostino Iacurci

Palm tree near the Rhine River, Ludwigshafen, Germany

In Ludwigshafen's Gartenstadt, Hochfeldstraße 135, a colourful façade painting is being created almost at the same time as the previous project, Video.Sckre.

Agostino Iacurci (1986) was born in Italy and lives in Berlin as of 2017. Since 2009, the artist has painted a lot of murals around the globe. He also devotes himself to plastic art, classical painting and installations in public spaces.

Please also have a look at his art presentations on this page!

The motif is meant to be a 'discreet' hint that due to global warming palm trees will soon grow in Ludwigshafen too *smile*